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LCM Products is an innovator of bulk LCM delivery methods and bringing new LCM products to the drilling industry

LCM Benefits

Reducing the cost of Lost Circulation Material (LCM) By supplying bulk materials, the LCM Products®, LLC process eliminates material handling, bagging costs and transportation costs typically associated with sack material. With sack products, LCM is purchased in bulk form, transported to a bagging facility, unloaded, bagged, palletized, reloaded onto a truck for transport to the rig site, off loaded and then moved by hand to the mud pit for introduction into the mud system. The LCM Products®, LLC process eliminates this excess material handling cost as there is no bagging cost which expedites the introduction of the LCM into the mud system. What does this mean to you? Substantial reduction of your mud dollar expenditure, improved productivity at the rig, reduction of waste, and a safer environment for the rig crew. Reducing Labor Costs Only one rig hand is required to efficiently operate the LCM Products®, LLC equipment instead of the usual 2-3 men required to haul, cut and introduce sack material into the pit. Reducing Employee Turnover Rate Employee dissatisfaction related to handling bulky, heavy material in adverse weather conditions is reduced or eliminated.
Reducing Waste Reducing waste and related disposal costs incurred as a result of having to remove the bags used to package the various forms and types of LCM form location. Improving the Safety of the Drilling Rig Environment By decreasing back strains and cuts or abrasions which result from physically carrying 100 lbs. bags of LCM from the mud house or trailer, up the steps to the mud pit, opening the bag and introducing the material to the mud systems by lifting the LCM above the waist and shaking it into the mud system. Improving Rig Crew Productivity By utilizing only one rig hand to introduce or maintain a predetermined concentration of LCM to the system as opposed to 2-3 rig hands in a sack operation. By utilizing the LCM Products®, LLC process, additional personnel can perform rig maintenance, make quicker connection, or focus on other rig requirements. This improves the productivity of the drilling rig, thereby reducing the operator’s overall drilling expenditure.