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LCM Products is an innovator of bulk LCM delivery methods and bringing new LCM products to the drilling industry


Q: How do you know how fast to mix bulk LCM?

A: Bulk LCM is mixed as other "as needed" products such as bulk Barite and Bentonite are mixed. You measure the LCM content every 15 minutes and speed up or slow down accordingly as needed to maintain a specified amount of LCM

Q: How much less expensive is bulk LCM compared to sack product?

A: It varies from area to area and from type of LCM being utilized. Your LCM cost can be reduced by as much as 50%, not to mention reduced overall well cost from Bulk LCM being a 1 man operation. LCM is also mixed more uniformly. Utilizing bulk LCM prevents drops in content that may induce lost circulation.

Q: What other services does LCM Products LLC offer besides the patented bulk system?

A: We offer drilling fluids Engineering service that specialize in lost circulation areas. Custom blended materials to customer specs. Permeability plugging apparatus testing. Packaged LCM products both in supersacks and palletized sacks. Also stabilization material for stabilizng drilling waste.