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LCM Products is an innovator of bulk LCM delivery methods and bringing new LCM products to the drilling industry

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The LCM Products®, LLC process has evolved into the most safe, effective and cost effective means of delivering Lost Circulation Materials to the well site and into the mud pits of any rig, in any area where lost circulation is a problem.

The LCM Bulk Delivery System pneumatically delivers LCM into the active drilling fluids system utilizing industrial grade, continuous use components designed and manufactured specifically for LCM Products®, LLC.

LCM Products®, LLC is the only company that can provide the Well Site Operator and Drilling Contractor with this process. The process is user friendly for drilling contractor personnel and requires minimal training to implement full operation. Should mud losses become an immediate and unforeseen problem, the LCM Products®, LLC equipment can be operational within two hours of arrival at the problem location.
LCM Process