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LCM Products is an innovator of bulk LCM delivery methods and bringing new LCM products to the drilling industry


The current list of products includes: EZ Hulls®, EZ Blend™, EZ Fiber™, EZ Specialty Seal™, Ironwood as well as the highly effective LCM, Bulk Seal created especially for the Rocky Mountain applications and Directional Drilling Fiber® known as DD Fiber™, used in measurement while drilling and drilling motor applications. All LCM Products, LLC bulk products are delivered in trailer and/or super sacks. Specialty blended products are prepared per customers specifications.

Additional products used for stabilizing drilled cuttings are also supplied in bulk. The current products of choice by some Rocky Mountain operators are StableEZ™ and StableC™. These materials are tailored to stabilize drilling fluids and create easier handling of the waste.
Lost Circulation Material Products


he LCM Products®, LLC System benefits both Well Site Operators and Drilling Contractors by:

Reducing the cost of Lost Circulation Material (LCM)

By supplying bulk materials, the LCM Products®, LLC process eliminates material handling, bagging costs and transportation costs typically associated with sack material. With sack products, LCM is purchased in bulk form, transported t a bagging facility, unloaded, bagged, palletized, reloaded onto a truck for transport to the rig site, off loaded and then moved by hand to the mud pit for introduction into the mud system.

The LCM Products®, LLC process eliminates this excess material handling cost as there is no bagging cost which expedites the introduction of the LCM into the mud system. What does this mean to you? Substantial reduction of you mud dollar expenditure, improved productivity at the rig, reduction of waste, and a safer environment for the rig crew.